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Ryan Fee

  • 2 replies
    • windar021
      Joined: 01.09.2012 Posts: 452
      because it says small limit so Im thinking that it might not be for micros
    • ShaQQ
      Joined: 07.10.2008 Posts: 162
      I think it's a sound read for any level, it's knowledge every player needs. A lot of poker books are flexible, problem is it's up to you as a player to apply what you're reading properly, vs the right opponents, in the right spots etc.
      In most cases at the micro's you rarely if at all have to triple barrel with non value hands, focusing on value spots is really a necessity (and also thin value). I'm sure it covers all the relevant spots (long time since I read it), it does expand ones perception of the game, and it's definitely worth a read :) I think treating poker like a business is also a good read.

      Hope it helps!



      PS-- Don't be afraid to pick it up and give it a read and build your own perspective on whether it's applicable to the micro's, the way we develop as players is by reading articles, watching coaching videos, keep absorbing information, it's information we need after all, even if it's not applicable, never know you might find yourself in certain situations and a book you've read a few months back covered it. Just keep reading / watching, absorbing until you're fully comfortable with what you're covering, when it's second nature look to add another level of knowledge further down the line etc.