BRM: 2+ sites

    • opal99
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      I can't find any BRM info about playing on more platforms at the same time...

      Let's say I play on two sites 2/4 SH, so I need at least $2000. Should I divide it 1:1 and play underrolled on both of them?

      What if I'm loosing on 1 site really badly? Can I play down to 2-3 buyins (in case I have enough bankroll together), then transfer money from another platform and keep playing?

      Or should I use more conservative management (2x 400BB for example)?

      thanks for any comments :)
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    • Yoghi
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      When you have 500BB you have 500BB, it doesn't matter where you have it. So just play the same limits as usual. Try to get most of your money on moneybookers/neteller though, so you can change it from site to site easily.