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[NL20-NL50] [Sh] nl50 3 barrel bluff in 3bet pot

    • meepwn
      Joined: 11.07.2011 Posts: 1,411
      1|Seat 1: TheH1tmaN (€65.77) SB
      2|Seat 2: DrSooted (€65.99) BB
      3|Seat 3: Morales (€77.09)
      4|Seat 4: LimpFold (€22.00)
      5|Seat 5: st8upmucked (€23.18)
      6|Seat 6: meepwn53 (€49.13) BU

      7|TheH1tmaN posts the small blind, €0.25
      8|DrSooted posts the big blind, €0.50
      9|meepwn53 has the button

      10|*** Hole cards ***
      11|Dealt to meepwn53 [Q :spade: A :club:]
      17|Morales folds
      18|LimpFold folds
      19|st8upmucked folds
      20|meepwn53 raises to €1.25
      21|TheH1tmaN calls €1.00
      22|DrSooted raises to €5.00
      23|meepwn53 calls €3.75
      24|TheH1tmaN folds

      25|*** Flop *** [8 :club: K :spade: T :heart:] pot is €11.25
      26|DrSooted bets €5.62
      27|meepwn53 calls €5.62

      28|*** Turn *** [8 :club: K :spade: T :heart:] [5 :heart:] pot is €22.49
      29|DrSooted checks
      30|meepwn53 bets €12.00
      31|DrSooted calls €12.00

      32|*** River *** [8 :club: K :spade: T :heart:] [5 :heart:] [T :diamond:] pot is €46.49
      33|DrSooted checks
      34|meepwn53 bets to €26.51, and is all-in

      he called with JJ

      the small blind is a reg; the big blind I don't know.

      The plan on the flop is to fold to a bet on every turn, and try to take the pot on most cards, seeing that he will c-bet with 100% of his range, and I can fold against sets, AA, AK and I can steal the pot from 99, JJ, QQ, AQ, AJs ....

      The turn is one of the better cards to bet imo, do you agree?

      On the river, the shove is designed to make him fold QQ and JJ, at that point I was pretty sure his range was JJ, QQ, AK, maybe AA... looking good?

      What do you think about his play?
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    • veriz
      Joined: 20.07.2008 Posts: 65,504
      Hello meepwn,

      Preflop: What's the reason for calling in first place here?

      As played
      Postflop: Depends a lot on the opponent of course here. What kind of reg? What are his stats, what our image, what action we had earlier etc. Just knowing that he is reg doesn't tell me any information of him, I can tell also that from his stack size that he knows how much to buy-in. Therefore he could as well turn a lot of hands into bluff-catcher on the turn and might not even make sense to Bet there unless we also plan to ship the river.

      Instead could easily just take the free card on the turn cause we can't be sure how many hands we are even making to fold and whilst he has enough of Kx holdings which are turned into bluff. Not only AK but also obviously KQ/KJ and maybe even looser.

      Best Regards.