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variance bad beats and all that other shit

    • danan758
      Joined: 03.06.2012 Posts: 115
      alright i have been playing poker for the last year now
      never deposited im up over $200 bucks in poker winning
      but honestly i feel like quiting
      since joining poker strategy i have made lots of deeps runs
      in the past two weeks ill say i played well over 50 tournaments making deep runns in every single one of them not some not most but every single one

      but here is y i want to quit
      i make it up to like 20 spots before the bubble with like 10-18 blind stacks and everysingle time i get my money in with KK AA or AK i have never won
      AA holds up 4/5 times or so they say
      but in those tournaments they have not held up once in the late stage idiots call with A3s they beat my AKs other idiots call JT when me and other player is already all in me holding KK other QQ and JT wins the pot(twice)

      what are the odds of making deep runs in 50 tournaments and not cashing once just 20 or so places from the money '
      i am sick and tired i play extremely tight make huge stacks very deep runs but yet there is one idiot who calls anything and takes down tournament

      about a month ago i played a $15000 i came 35th
      i shoved KK with 35k some idiot called QJs with 70k blinds were 6000/3000
      he won

      i need some very dam good inspiration here or someone to tell me straight up quit

      these are all low limits and some freerolls

      i honestly will try to get a summary of those messed up tournies and get some advice but as of right now my morale is at 0

      my last tourney i shoved AQ in MP with 9bb stack some idiot called A5 he won

      in the past week i have never gone all in, in the middle to late stage ahead and won
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    • maythany
      Joined: 18.10.2011 Posts: 1,195
      I'll see you at the tables next week.

      I'm down A LOT of money, but I refuse to quit because I know I have the ability to make it all back. You gotta accept the good and the bad side of poker. You're playing in a large field, therefore the variance is off the charts! I've read blogs about people not even cashing in these MTTs for 100+ buy-ins, and even more!

      And you only played over 50 tournaments? That's nothing, not even close to anything notable. In my opinion, if you want to quit because you feel like these fishes are irritating you then go for it because you and I both know there's more to life than just playing poker. I've had many (MANY) bad beats during my poker career and have had people call me with questionable hands.

      I've learned to accept these beats and try to move on as best as I can and continue playing. My question to you is do you really want to quit when you haven't even reached your fullest potential in poker yet?

      You remind me of my friend who's always complaining about every bad beat (2 weeks playing). Yet he doesn't remember when he laid a beat paid on a player or "sucked out". Just take a few days off and eventually you may want to start playing again.

    • danan758
      Joined: 03.06.2012 Posts: 115
      hey man hmmm
      lol i was pissed off at the time of the post
      had a go at the players got me even more angry
      i started 4 tourneys after that post :D
      2 at everest 2 at partypoker
      yh but come on
      i dont remember dishing out any bad beats in my recent poker career
      maybe when i had no idea what i was doing
      but come on being busted out of tourneys 20-30 places before the money is frustrating when u expect the players to be at least descent
      players calling half their stack with weak aces all in near bubble and crushng your premium hands
    • danan758
      Joined: 03.06.2012 Posts: 115
      ok more idiots
      i just posted about being ina tourney at partypoker
      ok this very loose aggressive idiot limps so does another gut
      my stack 21k+ he has 15k
      i had only played 4 hands in the entire tourney i doubled up with aces twice and won 2 more hands im playing emtremely tight lately
      he limps so does another guy i raise he re raises i dont want him having betting lead so if i raised i'd be raising more tan half my stack so i shoved he calls AJ i got AK
      i make 2 pair on flop yay im winnign turn T river Q
      more bad beats for me finished just over 1k out of 9k
      1100 places paid
      just my luck i guess i should just stop
      i went on tilt shoved T7s next hand he called 4 way pot with everyone all in AJ again he won
    • maythany
      Joined: 18.10.2011 Posts: 1,195
      I agree with you that it can be extremely frustrating. Sometimes I get really frustrated because I don't understand why someone made a certain play. It's like... do you really think your KQo is ahead against 2 all ins before you?

      nonetheless it's something we have to accept when we are playing poker. Good luck at the tables and I hope you can control that tilt of yours before you blow through your bank roll.

    • JimC6
      Joined: 01.04.2011 Posts: 458
      I went through exactly the same kind of thing a while back where I seemed to go deep every single tournament I played and I even final tabled quite a few but the first time in each of them I got my chips all in and was called they would always seem to hit something. No matter if I had them dominated or what, they would hit. I can remember quite a lot of my AAs v Axo and they flush or hit a straight.

      I could never seem to get passed 6th place no matter what I tried.

      like maythany has said though 50 tournaments is not a lot, you can play 100 without even min cashing and then win 1 and it will be profitable.

      Stick at it and don't let it affect your game, you need to have confidence when you play tournaments to make the right plays.
    • BIGtommo1984
      Joined: 14.05.2011 Posts: 11
      thats what u get for playing shitty freerolls and 1$ tourneys... just stop moaning and play the game or give up.
    • NikolaB85
      Joined: 09.06.2011 Posts: 157
      I am in the same mood. Finished 540th out of 520 been paid
      Had KK and the other guy had me with JTo,he hit straight :(

      After that finished 480th out of 440 been paid with AA against QKs,he hit flush on the river and i lost around 35bb :(

      I feel like i am loosing too much to this calls and starting to think about not even calling before the boubles

      And yea 1$ tournaments are really shity but they are a profitable :D