[NL2-NL10] KK vs 10Js and A4s

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      Dzhek1986(MP) $3.19 - VP:100 PFR:0 AF:1.0 W:50|0 STL: 3B:0| CB: N:-3.23 Hands:2
      Treshorre 82(MP) $5.28 - VP:50 PFR:0 AF:0 W:100|100 STL: 3B:0| CB: N:6.21 Hands:2
      Me(BTN) $3.66 - VP:30 PFR:15 AF:2.7 W:22|51 STL:32|75 3B:6|56

      Pre Flop: Me(BTN) with [K :heart: ,K :spade:]
      Dzhek1986(MP) calls 0.04
      Treshorre 82(MP) calls 0.04
      Me(BTN) raises 0.24
      Dzhek1986(MP) calls 0.20
      Treshorre 82(MP) calls 0.20

      Flop: (K :diamond: ,9 :diamond: ,Q :spade:) (3 players)
      Dzhek1986(EP) bets 0.40
      Treshorre 82(MP) calls 0.40
      Me(BTN) raises 3.42 (all in)
      Dzhek1986(EP) calls
      2.55, Treshorre 82(MP) calls 3.02

      Turn: (6 :heart:)

      River: (4 :club:)

      Treshorre 82(MP) wins 8.99
      Treshorre 82(MP) wins 0.88
      Dzhek1986(MP) shows [A :diamond: ,4 :diamond:]
      Treshorre 82(MP) shows [T :diamond: ,J :diamond:]
      Me(BTN) shows [K :heart: ,K :spade:]

      Is it possible to get away with this? Nothing wrong with protecting my hand with a shove here right? There's nothing i could have done here right?
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