300 posts !!

    • thesundancekid
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      BTW I think its ridiculous how a gold member has to post 300 posts b4 you can request for staking!!!!.

      I been gold for about 2 months now I don't really post much on the forums bcoz I feel they don't teach me nothing I don't know already , I have only posted something like 10 times.

      so to get 300 posts I would need to post at least 10 X per day 7 days per week
      for around 2 and a half weeks, its a fkn joke !!!

      I am a well know profit player on pacific and I need a staking now not 3-4 week from now, I really like this site but looks like I will have to look elsewhere for staking!.. not happy...

      I can see from the stakers point of view to get some info on player about the abmount of posts !!

      but if player is got ID, reference's, sykpe, msn messenger, team viewer, graphs , profit history I think they should be allowed to apply for staking..
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      Hi thesundancekid,

      The rules are the rules and they have been put in place within the last 18 months. In other communities the post count is actually a lot higher than 300.

      We have had a lot of issues with staking in the past so therefore we made a few new rules going forward.

      Best regards,
    • spaznRNMD
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      yeah i had no idea about it but what do you know :/

      we'll try to participate without spamming the forum ahah :)