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      Hi everybody!

      We are a team from the Geneva University Hospitals making a study about gambling on internet and need your participation.

      A variety of gambling activities on the Internet, including online betting and online gaming, has managed to show steady growth and expansion over the last decades with a very high degree of privacy. Little is known about how people use these services, their social and psychological profiles, their motivations and attitudes towards gaming. Your participation in this research is extremely valuable in furthering the understanding of the nature of gambling and Internet gambling.

      Areas covered by the survey include:
      • Psychological characteristics which may influence the way of playing (impulsivity, mood, personality, self-esteem),
      • Demographic and occupational characteristics,
      • Motivations to play,
      • Problematic commitment.

      This research is not necessarily intended for people with gambling problems, but for anyone who play money on the Internet.

      Your participation is strictly voluntary. You do not have to answer questions that you do not want to answer, and you may quit any of the questionnaires at any time. Your participation is confidential. Only the immediate research team will be given access to the raw data collected from this questionnaire. All data will be stored electronically in the Addiction department of Geneva University hospitals’ server in accordance with ethical research protocols.

      If you have any questions about this study, and your participation in it, please email Doctor Yasser Khazaal, [Edited by RasTweet: We do not allow ppl to post their e-mail on the forum. Use the community tool to contact each other]

      Please, read the information form at:

      To participate in this research please click on the link below to enter the online survey.

      Thank you for your interest. Your participation represents an extremely important contribution to the success of this project!
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