[NL20-NL50] [SH] NL50 64s

    • duder1n0
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      Prima, $0.25/$0.50 No Limit Hold'em Cash, 5 Players

      Hero (BB): $55.84 (111.7 bb)
      MP: $57.72 (115.4 bb)
      CO: $54.44 (108.9 bb)
      BTN: $76.01 (152 bb)
      SB: $112.68 (225.4 bb)

      Preflop: Hero is BB with 6 4
      2 folds, BTN raises to $1.50, SB calls $1.25, Hero raises to $6.50, BTN folds, SB calls $5

      Flop: ($14.50) 7 Q 3 (2 players)
      SB checks, Hero bets $7, SB calls $7

      Turn: ($28.50) Q (2 players)
      SB checks, Hero checks

      River: ($28.50) 7 (2 players)
      SB bets $14, Hero folds

      Anon table.

      Both regs. BTN played 24/22 so far, folded 71% to 3bets.
      SB is the same Villain as in the QTs hand, at this time he was at 36/28 with 26% 3bet after 80 hands.

      Would be better to just fold preflop? I thought as the original raiser folds a lot to 3bets, he wont call me very often, and even if loose/aggro guy calls sometimes, at least I have position on him.
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    • generals007
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      I'd honestly not try to squeeze sitting after that SB. Your hand is too bad and he will go a far way postflop because he's so aggro/fishy so your bluffs don't work. On the flop I'd just take a freecard expecting him to call with anything and sometimes check/raise with squat.
    • kymupa
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      Just fold pre.

      On the flop I do agree to take the freecard vs this guy.
    • veriz
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      Hello pcfmcc02,

      Preflop: Way too complicated hand to squeeze whilst I assume it was also anon. tables, so we don't have enough of information. Just fold it and find a better hand to do that.

      As played
      Postflop: Not much to do on the turn cause now too many hands continue calling us.

      Best Regards.