Downswing, but sklansky bucks going up?

    • Optroot
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      So... I'm having a downswing, and it's ASS. countless bad beat after bad beat. So I decided to take a little break, and review my play. So I am looking at some of my graphs, and my Net Winning have gone down (obviously) but my skalansky bucks have gone up, anybody know what this means?

      I was snooping the internet for some info and it says this:

      Basically, if you lose a hand but your opponent made mistakes, such as drawing to a flush without proper pot odds, you may lose the pot but you have earned Sklansky bucks by causing your opponent to make a mistake.

      So, i dont get it, if that is going up, does that mean I am not making mistakes? Some clarification would be appreciated, i can provide a graph my my poker tracker is a little bit on CRACK atm... Thanks in advance,
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    • swissmoumout
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      sklansky bucks are a calculation of your equity on every street. The calculations are explained in detail here. Anyway, it's not reliable at all, since it can only calculate equity when it knows the other players hand (so, when you see a showdown), thus it depends mainly on your playing style.
      e.g if you only see showdowns with the best hand (say, you fold before the river every time you think your opponent got there), then your showdown winnings (the blue line) will be through the roof, and (correct me if I'm wrong), sklansky bucks would actually be much lower (in this extreme case, you fold every time you think your opponent got there, so the calculations won't include those hands)

      All this to say, the red line really doesn't mean much at all.. The only reliable graph is the all-in luck... and knowing what your showdown and non-showdown winnings are is also useful I guess