===$80,000 Natural Born Grinders at Betfair===

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      $80,000 Natural Born Grinders

      Think you are a Natural Born Grinder? Well Betfair Poker reckon that a four week Points Race should sort the men from the boys.

      So grab your mouse, fire up the tables, and get ready to roll!

      Starting Friday December 28th you'll have four individual weeks to race alongside your fellow Natural Born Grinders, amassing as many Player Points as you can along the way. Betfair will take your best three weeks' scores to determine your overall position in the Master Leaderboard, and they've got a prize pool of $80,000 to dip into come prize time!

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      Prize Payout

      $80,000 in prizes will be distributed, paid according to the following structure:

      How it works

      • The Weekly Races will run from Fridays at 00:00:01 GMT to 23:59:59 GMT on Thursdays, beginning Friday 28th December and ending on Thursday January 24th 2013 for a total of 4 individual weeks.
      • You may opt-in to this promotion at any time on or before 16th January, however, to earn points in an active Weekly Race, you must opt-in before 23:59 GMT on the Wednesday during that Weekly cycle i.e. 1-day prior to the end of that Weekly Race.
      • Weekly Race Leaderboards will rank players according to how many Player Points have been accrued during each Weekly Race period.
      • Each Weekly Race will award players points which go towards an overall Master Leaderboard. There will be four separate Weekly Races in total.

      How can I participate?

      In order to participate, first make sure you have a PokerStrategy.com tracked Betfair account, then you just need to opt-in with the code ‘JAN80KNBG’ via the following page, before 23:59 GMT on 16th January 2013:

      Betfair Poker's terms & conditions apply to this promotion and may be changed at any time.

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