DONs and Poker ABC

    • pepeelpewRNMD
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      Hello, I study poker for about 1 month, I'd like to start playing with some profit. I noticed that one of the best ways is with DONs, so, I'd like to ask:

      Which ROI should I spect to have playing the ABC of poker on DONs? Which is the highest level I can play DONs with profits with poker ABC while I not learn more advanced techniques?
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    • kurrkabin
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      Hi, pepeelpewRNMD!

      Did you check our articles about DoNs? Here's some video material as well: Click, I believe that as a silver, you will be able to see a big part of them.

      I think up until mid stakes-20-30$ level you can play a relatively ABC game and show a profit, however, don't expect huge ROIs. I will advocate you always aim for improving. I am not a huge fan of DoNs though, but I know a couple of people who turned out to be a big success at these games.