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Live Music Thread

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      If you're interested in music then you know that nothing beats a live show. The atmosphere of being surrounded by other fans, the deafening noise, the rib shaking bass, the smell of sweat beer and piss all mixed in to one extraordinary cocktail, the almighty relief when for a split second a piece of cool fresh air drifts over head and everyone jumps to suck it in.

      I love festivals even more. Camping in a field with 100,000 other people just there for a good time. Meet new friends eat crap food drink drink drink drink drink and drink. Even holding on so you don't have to use the big shit filled hole in the floor they call the toilet :D .
      Also festivals are a great way to accidently discover new bands and artists as well as legends all in the same weekend. I remember my first festival was Leeds 2006 the 2nd band i went to see that weekend was a band called Maximo Park and someone stood on my shoe it came off and before i had chance to pick it up i was pushed away and never saw it again. It was the only pair i brought with me and i have giant feet nobody could share with me so i spent the weekend with one shoe and a plastic carrier bag strapped to my other foot while it rained so hard all weekend :facepalm: still had the most amazing weekend

      The thing i like about live music is that it can completely change your opinion about a band/artist. There used to be bands i thought were for depressed emo teenie boppers (as you will see by my list soon :D ) and then the band(s) blew me away live and at the same time it can have the opposite effect there has been bands i loved saw them live and then never listened to again i'll label these in my list to come :)

      So share your experiences whatever music type you are into favourite show? Wish List? Biggest disappointments? Kinda like the TV thread i started here is my loved live list:

      Arctic monkeys (Debut album tour, bit boring now a days)

      Muse (epic show, sound lights everything was just epic, great frontman)

      The streets (wasn't interested until saw live but Mike Skinner has the audience eating out the palm of his hand)

      Belle And Sebastian (caught the 2nd half of their set at Leeds fest one year and mesmerized by the guitars and voices)

      Fall out Boy (One of the teenie bopper bands from above, but what a sick voice Stump has live! Some good pop rock tunes too)

      Less than Jake (Was expecting a lot less from these tbh but energy at the show was immense)

      My Chemical Romance (Another teenie bopper emo band i mainly went to watch the abuse they were going to inevitably suffer but there was something about them, they got booed as they came on stage by everyone they got bottled from the second they played the first note. But the booing got quieter between each song they were in the middle of playing one of the best shows i'd ever seen and left the stage to an amazing cheer)

      Hotchip (Great show great energy)

      Biffy Clyro (Best brittish band of the last 10 years imo and even better live)

      Arcade Fire (Only stood through these to see Chili Peppers and i'm so glad i did)

      Gallows (Sickest energy ever amazing show)

      Coheed and Cambria

      Disappointment list :s_frown:

      Chili Peppers (Worst show ever seen, no effort no energy no excitement crap sound quality, just boring never listened to them and enjoyed it since then)

      Kings of Leon (they were ok don't get me wrong they just didn't live up to expectations)

      I'm sure theres some others but my minds gone blank generally i enjoy a live show i respect the talent and effort gone into getting to where they are but sometimes you can't help but be disappointed.

      Wish list

      Rage against the Machine Missed them when they played Leeds recently i think they played download too recently right?

      Deadmau5 Think the guy is great love his life attitude his personality in interviews on twitter/FB he's just a nerd and makes awesome music

      AC/DC because its AC/DC

      Biffy Clyro (again) Because they were amazing first time and have released some songs that will sound brill live since then

      Foo Fighters Seems they give everything in every single show and would love to see them before they give it up

      The Killers Can't make my mind up on this band and would like to see them live to make my mind up.

      Fun. Newish band doing the rounds at the minute have some big sounding songs would be nice to see

      Glastonbury Just to experience it, there is usually ony a couple of bands and artists im interested in but it is THE festival for festival goers.

      Coachella i love everything American so what better than a festival in the middle of the California desert

      I'll add more as i remember/think of new ones but would be nice to see all your lists too and share your stories of live shows and festivals

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