Lost with AA

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      I was in a $50 buy in tournament (at a bar of some sort) yesterday. It was around an 80 person tournament with around a $7000 prize pool with rebuys. I was one of the biggest stacks going in to the all in and I was going heads up with THE biggest stack. This is how the hand played out:

      I was delt AA.
      I raised about a fifth of my stack preflop.
      He called.
      The flop came out QJT.
      I bet out.
      He put me all in.
      I didn't put him on AK so I called.
      He flipped over AQ, so I was feeling good about my play.
      On the turn, one of his two outs came up.. a Q.
      No K came on the river so we didn't split and he won.

      If I won that hand I would have been the biggest stack, and would have had a great chance of winning around $3000. That's my downsing report... X( X( X(
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