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veriz stops coaching?!?!??!?

    • Resilence
      Joined: 10.03.2012 Posts: 934
      I really don't understand why, there will be no more coachings with this awesome person, he's doing so much great to the comunity, really helping us guys, who needs ALOT of help in our game.

      Can't you guys talk him into start coaching again soon, I for one really need it!
      He has helped me tremendously with my game, I wouldn't be playing poker if it wasn't for this guy, he has opend my eyes in to this game, and really made me understand that it takes a long time to become good at poker.

      His coachings for my experience has always been the best, he really has a nice mindset about poker, and he has helped me out of many tilt situations aswell, just watching his sessions, his calm way of being.
      I have come such a long way, and I feel the way of my poker carrier will be even longer, if I'm without his coachings every sunday...

      Anyways thanks for your time veriz in thoese live coachings, you deserve all the best :)
      Gonna miss your live feedback hopefully we will see you around the forum.
      Can't express my thanks enough, been really helpfull! Best of lucks to you mate!
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    • rainbowD
      Joined: 01.09.2011 Posts: 241
    • MeAmor22
      Joined: 07.05.2011 Posts: 4,247
      Unfortunately its true.No more coahings from Veriz.
      He is a great coach, he nows how to explain what is poker, how to understand it and to think why to do that move.
      I ll miss his coaches but i am happy that we didnt loose him at all he said he woud be still in hands evaluation and on forum.
      I wish to him good luck in his news purpose.

      Thank tyou Veriz for the great coaching that i had with you
    • ExternalUseOnly
      Joined: 30.01.2010 Posts: 3,373
      Hey guys thanks for the feedback :)

      I won't say too much here i'll leave it incase Veriz wants to come and say somethings himself. But as you already know he is the busiest guy in the world thousands of forum posts and hand evals a month as well as coachings and playing some sick volume for himself. He has other goals he wants to achieve in life and unfortunately we all have to make some sacrifices in order to pursue them.

      He will still be around the place and keep evaluating hands :)

      Thanks for understanding
    • EnterG
      Joined: 26.01.2010 Posts: 632
    • cekpirus88
      Joined: 16.06.2011 Posts: 441
      hey I hope that Veriz will reconsider coaching as recently he started to coach me and I noticed very quickly the results.. I really hope he could continue to coach for us in the future and it might be something temporary. Hope to see you soon Veriz :) )) :P
    • flypoker001
      Joined: 27.10.2012 Posts: 19
      i pray that he will teach me one day, or anyone near his standards to give me some coaching!!!!
    • muel294
      Joined: 06.06.2009 Posts: 1,225
      wow that sucks, but he's gotta do what's best for him at the end of the day.
    • pleno1
      Joined: 19.11.2010 Posts: 5,596

      It is indeed unfortunate that veriz has decided to stop his coaching. As Carl pointed out previously he is a very busy guy and will be likely very busy for the next few months. I do hope that one day he will pt his coaching shoes back on but in the meantime I will be looking at ways to ensure we offer a great service and expect to see some big changes and improvements to the coaching schedule.

      Once again, thanks very much for your time as a live coach and we look forward to seeing your hand evaluations over the next months and years.