[Application] Looking for short term NL10 SH Zoom stake.

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      Hello all,

      I'm looking for a short term stake for SH NL10 Zoom. Basically I've run way under EV this month at NL10/NL25 Zoom and it's destroyed my bankroll, so would like a short term stake to help me get a bankroll back together and to provide some profit to any backers.

      I would like to suggest a length of 50k hands which should take me between one and two weeks to complete. I think that 20 buy ins should be more than sufficient so full stake would be $200. Profits are to be split 50/50. FPP's will be used to play the 235 hyper sats (my cash rate in these is 38%) and the T$ will be converted on here and again split 50/50.

      My NL10/25 Zoom graph this month. I would like stress how badly I've run even without factoring in the huge difference between all in EV and profit.

      My last ~100k hands at NL10

      I have also put a lot of work into my game since playing these hands using HEM and have found a lot of spots where i was leaking money. In terms of communication with stakers I am happy to stay contactable on Skype for the duration of the stake and I will also post updates in my blog at least every other day.

      You can also look at my blog to get an impression of how I play, the link is in my signature. In regard to my lowish post count, I have been a member of this site for over 3 years now and assure you that access to free coaching videos alone, without even factoring in the forums, is worth far more to me than scamming anybody.

      I would like to keep the stake to 1-2 stakers if possible, so will give those offering the full stake or larger amounts priority.

      Thanks for any interest.
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