200nl+ 6max study grop

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    • MJQuads
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      Hi there!

      Can't seem to send you a PM, prolly 'cause we ain't friends here @ ps.com. Anyway, I'll just write it down here.

      I'm not sure if I qualify, I'll let you decide! I currently play NL100 FR ZOOM, and am doing pretty fine, but there is nothing higher in FR, so I am going to transition to SH in a matter of days.

      I have experience playing SH from the past, I will start with SH50/SH100, I belive I have a good understanding of the game, am highly motivated to work in a group (since the one I was in thus far, fell apart), and I think I would make a good addition to the new group.

      I have already hired a SH coach, which means I should be on a good way to become really decent @ SH.

      Just let me know through PM if u think I could fit into the group.

      Kind Regards,