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    • moneyback88
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      The balance that we see now in our ft accounts is the true balance? If we were requested a withraw, which never happened but it was on hold, we will have our money returned or the money during withdrawls are included in the current balance?
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    • levieyyz
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      I had a pending withdraw when ft was closed down. As far as infomation was given, these funds would be returned to balance. Or so they say, mine have not. I emailed support and they requested info on such withdraw. Luckly for me i saved the origanal email from withdraw with the transaction number on it. I am wondering if anyone else was missing pending withdraws, and didnt save the infomation needed now to get them returned. Is this a ploy hoping there will be many who didnt and there for held back all moneys involved with pending withdraws so they can get away without paying back thoughs moneys.
    • Stabillo
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      I got my pending withdraw back.
    • pbijvoet
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      Originally posted by Stabillo
      I got my pending withdraw back.