Loosie Passive(calling stations)

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      playing against loose passive calling station.. would you still play your range the same?? I mean iso raising like for ex UTG(L.Passive) limp your at the BU and you normally ISO lets say suited 2 gapper, would you still ISO here?
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      There are just too many things to consider here.
      It is so hard to put loose players on ranges, so how can you ever tell if your suited two gapper is ahead?

      What flop texture would you continue with?

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      In short, you play in a style that opposes the villain:
      If they are loose, tighten up.
      Passive, bet good hands aggressively.

      So, for me if I'm facing someone who limps in 30% or more, I'm not raising suited two-gappers. I'll play vulture poker. That is where you sit in position, and when something tasty comes along, you swoop down and eat it.
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      in general i would say that you should have some sort of fold equity either preflop or post flop to play with such hand but if you think he will make a lot of huge mistakes postflop it might be okay to play it in position. but i wouldnt normaly do it