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      Yesterday i received this email:
      As you are using your account for commercial purposes , the account is now considered a business (commercial) one, and therefore from now on subject to our commercial fees.

      Detailed information is available on our web site:

      Please be kindly informed that the fees, currently applicable to your account, can be significantly reduced in accordance to the transaction volumes processed via our services. In this regards, we would kindly ask you to get back to us once you have reached a sufficient transaction volume, allowing us to adjust the fees applied.

      We hope the above gives you a good outline of our offering and how this translates to your business, however please feel free to come back to us with any questions.

      With kind regards,

      Merchant Services
      Skrill, the Future of Moneybookers

      I use my skrill accout only for poker. Why my accout become merchant? The fees for merchant accounts are huge.
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