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Next Stop: USA - hu sngs and more

    • Flushmaker89
      Joined: 22.08.2011 Posts: 19,025
      Hey guys,

      this is my first blog in english.

      About me:

      My name is Jan, I'm 23 years old and from Germany. I study law since 2010 in Kiel and I'm now in the fifth semester. I'm a great fan of sports like tennis, basketball, football and american football. I played tennis for 4 years long and 2 years football.

      Next year I want to go for 1 year in the USA as an au pair. My sister told me that also mens can do this. I hope I can do this next year in August or September.

      I want to blog to improve my english on a higher level.

      My previous poker career:

      I played poker since my 18th birthday.
      I have played all the games they pokerstars offered. I played mtts, sngs and cashgame. The most of the time I have played cashgame. Earlier I started with double or nothings and then I played the 50/50. On the dons I was a small winningplayer, but on the 50/50 I was a losingplayer. In my cashgame career I have my biggest succes in fixed limit. I played $0,25/$0,50 fullring regular until black friday. After the black friday I didn't play so much like before. Now I want to play a big volume every month.

      What will I play?

      I will play the 45 men sngs. At the moment I play the $0,50 on pokerstars. I will play 500 sngs before I move up to $1,50. Currently I have played 114 sngs with a profit of $5,58. I want to raise my daily number of sngs to 100-150. So I think I should reach the next level in 1 week.

      The 45 men sngs will be my main game. I don't know what I will play also. I think it will be mtts, heads-up sngs or hyperturbo sngs.

      My goals:

      [ ] at least 2000 sng per month
      [ ] work on my game
      [ ] learn every day 2 hours english

      So long

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    • gadget51
      Joined: 23.06.2008 Posts: 5,622
      Hi Jan and welcome to blogs!

      Yes you can be an au pair as a male, there are lots of them so you hsould be in good company.

      Your English is very good already from what I've read here, but yes it will improve by being here so good luck with it.

      I am useless at SnGs so can't offer any advice I'm afraid, but no doubt if you post hands they will generate replies that can help.

      Good luck with your goals and most of all have fun!

    • Flushmaker89
      Joined: 22.08.2011 Posts: 19,025
      So I played my first session today. Unfortunately it was a losing session. I played 24 sngs and dropped 4,49$.

      I think my big problem is the play in the late stage of the tournament. Every time on the last 2 tables I can only play push or fold.

      Tomorrow I will play a lot of satelites to the sunday storm. The satelites are very soft and I saw today, that the micro millions begin on the 15th of november. I want to play a lot of the tournaments.
      Unfortunately there is no no limit 2-7 single draw tournament. I love this game but there is no big traffic.

      This would be my schedule for the micro millions. Maybe I will change a little bit.

      Event No. 12 NL Holdem (Big Antes) $3.30
      Event No. 18 NL Holdem (turbo) $3.30
      Event No. 32 NL Holdem $11
      Event No. 38 NL Holdem $5.50
      Event No. 42 NL Holdem $5.50
      Event No. 48 Pot Limit Omaha 8 $3.30
      Event No. 59 NL Omaha 8 $3.30
      Event No. 66 NL Holdem $2.20
      Event No. 76 NL Holdem $2.20
      Event No. 86 NL Holdem $1
      Event No. 93 NL Holdem $2.20
      Event No. 95 NL Holdem Heads up $2.22
      Event No. 97 NL Holdem $11

      Total number of tournaments: 12
      Total buy-ins: $56,02

      I think I can win all the money for the tournaments in the satelites.
    • Flushmaker89
      Joined: 22.08.2011 Posts: 19,025
      Today I played a lot of sngs. I played 84 50/50 with a profit of $13.77. My game was ok, not great but I didn't make big mistakes.

      This here, was my big mistake. I folded because I was afraid to bust as bubble boy, but as I clicked the fold button I know that the fold was bad.

      PokerStars - $1.39+$0.11|150/300 NL - Holdem - 6 players
      Hand converted by PokerTracker 4

      CO: 3,125.00
      BTN: 2,925.00
      SB: 4,340.00
      Hero (BB): 2,550.00
      UTG: 485.00
      MP: 1,575.00

      CO posts ante 40.00, BTN posts ante 40.00, SB posts ante 40.00, Hero posts ante 40.00, UTG posts ante 40.00, MP posts ante 40.00, SB posts SB 150.00, Hero posts BB 300.00

      Pre Flop: (pot: 690.00) Hero has A:spade: Q:heart:

      UTG raises to 445.00 and is all-in, fold, CO raises to 3,085.00 and is all-in, fold, fold, fold

      Flop: (1580.00, 2 players) K:club: 4:heart: 2:club:

      Turn: (1580.00, 2 players) 3:diamond:

      River: (1580.00, 2 players) A:heart:

      UTG shows 6:club: K:heart: (One Pair, Kings) (Pre 29%, Flop 88%, Turn 95%)
      CO shows 8:club: 8:diamond: (One Pair, Eights) (Pre 71%, Flop 12%, Turn 5%)
      UTG wins 1,580.00

      Tomorrow when I have enough time, than I will play satelites for the micro millions.
      I can't wait that the micro millions begins.
    • aciddrop
      Joined: 08.10.2006 Posts: 1,519
      If this is a 50/50, then I would say the fold is good. Not sure with the antes, but since the shorty is likely to go out, you don't want to tangle with a big stack. There will still be 2 shorter stacks then you even if the shorty wins here, so don't get involved.
    • Flushmaker89
      Joined: 22.08.2011 Posts: 19,025
      Last 2 days I played only 50/50. On the 45 men sngs I need about 40-45 minutes until I have opened 20 tables, on the 50/50 I need only 10 minutes. This is more comfortable. When I had 8 or 9 tables open, I got more mental problems with bad beats but not when I played 20 tables :D

      Last 2 days I played 132 sngs and I lost 4 buy-ins. The session today started very good after 27 sngs I was $8,32 but the last 35 sngs I lost to much and at the end I dropped $4,67.

      Here is a interesting hand.

      PokerStars - $1.39+$0.11|15/30 NL - Holdem - 10 players
      Hand converted by PokerTracker 4

      MP+2: 1,500.00
      CO: 1,470.00
      BTN: 2,430.00
      SB: 1,530.00
      BB: 1,500.00
      Hero (UTG): 1,500.00
      UTG+1: 660.00
      UTG+2: 1,500.00
      MP: 1,470.00
      MP+1: 1,440.00

      SB posts SB 15.00, BB posts BB 30.00

      Pre Flop: (pot: 45.00) Hero has K:heart: K:diamond:

      Hero raises to 120.00, fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, BTN calls 120.00, fold, fold

      Flop: (285.00, 2 players) 8:spade: J:club: Q:diamond:
      Hero bets 190.00, BTN raises to 480.00, Hero raises to 1,380.00 and is all-in, BTN calls 900.00

      Turn: (3045.00, 2 players) 2:club:

      River: (3045.00, 2 players) J:diamond:

      This hand was played in a 50/50.

      Opponent played 28/12/11 on 37 hands.

      I don't know what the best play is on the flop. I think he has me very often beat here. What hands should he raise against me that I beat. Only AQ. I think he has often two pairs, sets or the straight.

      What do you think about the hand?

      @ aciddrop
      I didn't saw that MP was a little bit shorter than me. I think than is a fold ok. I should more realize the stacksizes of all my opponents and not only from the small stack.
    • Flushmaker89
      Joined: 22.08.2011 Posts: 19,025
      Today I played satelites. Only 7 tournaments, but with a good result. I played 3 sats for the micro million. Unfotunately no ticket, one time bubble boy. Also I played 4 sats for the sunday storm and got 3 tickets. This sats are very soft and I will play the next days a lot of them. I made a profit of 22.77$. This is a good result for me, after the last days.

      I played two more sessions 50/50. I lost in both sessions. I made a lot of mistakes at the late stage of the sngs. After 279 sngs I dropped $3.56. I think I will beat them. I have only to work on my game.

      Tomorrow I want to play more satelites, especially for the micro millions. The sats are soft and I have only 6 days until the micro millions starts.

      So long
    • Flushmaker89
      Joined: 22.08.2011 Posts: 19,025
      It's time for a update!

      I want to play the satelites for the sunday storm, unfortunately they don't exist during the micro millions.
      I played the last days a little bit cashgame. This was a stupid decision. I think my game was bad and I have a little tilt problem. I dropped round about $10.

      My schedule for the micro millions will I maybe change to only 1 or 2 events. At the moment I play only trash, so when I play the tournaments it will be that I burning my money. So I will play 1 or 2 little events for fun and that's it.

      Plan for November:
      The next 2 weeks I will be work very hard on my game. I will do this in 3 steps.

      Step 1: read a ebook about heads-up sngs
      Step 2: watch videos about 50/50
      Step 3: read articles and watch videos about mtsngs

      The next 2 weeks I will not play much poker.
    • Flushmaker89
      Joined: 22.08.2011 Posts: 19,025
      The first heads-ups are played.

      Since yesterday I played my first heads-up sngs. Overall I played 17 sngs and could win 11. I have a good feeling in the husngs. Against passive players my game is good. Against aggressive players I have big problems and I make many mistakes. Every hand in this matches is for me like a coinflip.

      Here is a hand against an aggressive opponent. He played very weird. He raised preflop to 6BB. He bets 380 in a pot of 100 and so on.

      He played 84/53 on 22 hands.

      PokerStars - $1.40+$0.10|20/40 NL (2 max) - Holdem - 2 players
      Hand converted by PokerTracker 4

      Hero (BB): 1,490.00
      SB: 1,510.00

      SB posts SB 20.00, Hero posts BB 40.00

      Pre Flop: (pot: 60.00) Hero has A:club: T:club:

      SB raises to 80.00, Hero raises to 240.00, SB raises to 1,510.00 and is all-in, Hero calls 1,250.00 and is all-in

      Flop: (2980.00, 2 players) 2:diamond: J:diamond: 2:heart:

      Turn: (2980.00, 2 players) 8:diamond:

      River: (2980.00, 2 players) 8:club:

      I don't know if I can call this. We are 50BB deep, but I think he will raise here many weak hands.
      What would you do? Call or fold?
    • Flushmaker89
      Joined: 22.08.2011 Posts: 19,025
      Merry Christmas everyone!

      It is not the end of the year, but I will make a review now.
      After I reading a lot of blogs the last days in the german forum I realize that I make a lot of mistakes.

      One of my biggest mistakes is my time management. I want to be focussed on sngs and every second day I play cashgame :facepalm:
      My second problem is that I tilt to much. Especially in heads-up sngs.
      For example:
      I played this year 46 heads-up sngs and the first 37 was really good. I won 23 matches and my play was good and then I begun to tilt and play very bad and lost the last 9 games. I think this happens me to often.

      Now it's time for stats.

      Fifty fifty sngs: 301 games -11,82$ Roi: -2,62%
      Hyper Turbo Hu sngs: 4 games -3,12$ Roi: -52%
      hu sngs: 46 games -4,60$ Roi: -6,67%
      45 men sngs: 138 games 1,09$ Roi: 1,58%
      turbo mtts: 4 games -1,44$ Roi: -100%
      satelites: 17 games 3,52$ Roi: 11,94%

      Overall: 510 games -16,37$ Roi: -2,61%

      Cashgame was a good year.

      NL2 MSS: 41,029 hands 51,85$ bb/100: 6,32
      NL5 MSS: 813 hands 0$ bb/100: 0
      fixed limit 0,02/0,04 6-max: 1,893 hands -0,69$ bb/100: -0,91
      fixed limit 0,05/0,10: 720 hands 2,69$ bb/100: 3,74
      fixed limit 0,10/0,20: 182 hands -5,37$ bb/100: -14,75

      Overall: 44,637 hands 48,48$ bb/100: 5,75

      What will I change 2013?

      I will only play poker after a timetable. I want to play only games that are profitable for me. This year I played too many games that are not profitable for me.
      Work more on my mental game. I lost too many games just because my mental game is so bad.

      What games will I play?

      I will play 45 men sngs, hu sngs and satelites. Cashgame will I play a little bit mss and maybe a little bit pot limit omaha.

      The last days of the year, I will maybe play a little bit of satelites and enjoy my holiday.

      So long, enjoy your holidays with your families
    • SherlockHolmes2ez
      Joined: 04.03.2012 Posts: 334
      Nice Blog
    • Flushmaker89
      Joined: 22.08.2011 Posts: 19,025
      Hey guys,

      it's time for a update. I changed my life very much. At first I will not go to the USA. In the last months I found my dream job. Next month I start my education here, so I'm very excited of this.

      What's new in poker?

      I started the year to play hu sngs, turbos and hyper turbos. I played around about 700 games this year and was only breakeven. Then I was loosing the focus to play poker until the last month.

      Since july, I started with a coach a projekt. He will coach me to reach the $15 and $30 sngs. Unfortunately the start was very terrible. I played 400 fullring sngs and loose $83. Then I was starting 6-max sngs. Unfortunately don't ends my downswing after 36 games I loose $61. Very good start in the challenge :(
      436 games and I dropped 41 buy-ins.
      My ev this month is nearly breakeven.

      Last month I was visiting with other german moderators the HQ of Pokerstrategy in Gibraltar.
      It was really funny there.

      Here are some expression of Gibraltar: