24hPoker migration to Microgaming

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      Hi guys,

      As previously announced here 24hPoker are migrating to Microgaming. We are here to give you some details about it.

      1. Migration is scheduled for the 7th November and 24h are expecting no downtime.

      2. Following migration, they will be available in countries that were previously blocked, so amongst others Russia will reopen. The complete list of banned countries is below:

      1. American Samoa
      2. Belgium
      3. Cuba
      4. Denmark
      5. Estonia
      6. France
      7. France Metropolitan
      8. French Guiana
      9. French Polynesia
      10. French Southern Territories
      11. Hong Kong
      12. India
      13. Iran
      14. Iraq
      15. Libya
      16. Macau
      17. Myanmar/Burma
      18. Nigeria
      19. North Korea
      20. Northern Mariana Island
      21. South Korea
      22. Spain
      23. Sudan
      24. Turkey
      25. United States Minor Outlying Islands
      26. United States of America (USA)
      27. Virgin Islands (US)
      28. Zimbabwe

      3. Logins and usernames which we use as our unique identifier for reporting will remain unchanged

      4. Members will need to create a new Poker nickname - but you do not need to advise us of the new nickname.

      5. Strategy points will remain unchanged at 4sp per €1

      We are currently clarifying details of the FDB, VIP system and migration promotions but, hence any questions regarding that will have to wait until we know more.

      Please let me know if you have any questions.

      Many thanks,
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