Poker screen names.

    • One12ver
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      Does your poker screen name reflect the way others play against you?

      I play 80% of my poker games on the ipoker network, and till 1 1/2 months ago this was only under 1 screen name, but started playing with Titan so I could enjoy the benefits of PokerStratagy. Over this time I have come to see that when I play under my Titan sceen name I have a easier time winning and the pots seem to be bigger too. I play the same way, (tight/aggresive) same tables and same people. My screen name for Titan is a stronger sounding name, (ie Brutus, only a example) than my Bet365 name which I got from my dogs name tag when we bought it(ie Monkeyman).

      Or could it be the poker site and the bonuses and rewards that determine the "luck" one recieves when playing? I find that with 365 I recieve way more monthly player rewards, and are easier to obtain than with Titan.

      Would like to here other players opinions and experiances if they have had the same situation.
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    • Gerv
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      I think it would not change the situation based on your screenname. Maybe donks will think 'I dont want to play against him, he might find me where I am living and beat the hell out of me' but I sincerely think that this doesnt influence the betting patterns etc.

      I sometimes see funny screennames like 'TyFishes'' ''AAmeplz'' ''AllInKing'' etc. But I do not base my plays on his names. I think that speaks for the most of the people here.
    • slikec
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      As i notest is that fishes play their way no matter what is your name :D
      But regulars at start give you less credit as you being unknown to them. But soon they remember you and than you lose some nice easy income from them. At least thats what i experienced so far.