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a sign maybe

    • tigerace999
      Joined: 12.04.2009 Posts: 65
      hi all,
      After not playing any poker for 3 yrs i have decided to give it another go,been thinking about it for a couple of weeks.checked my pokerstars account which was still open, although it is a French account, I used to live there (so not sure what the rules are.
      played some freerolls got a ticket to a cash game missed the payouts by 3 places 57th out of 250 plus.Checked into account still open
      :) browsed a bit then thought for a few more days.

      Thursday evening i decided to deposit some cash,(NEW POKER ROOM) watched some games but decided not to play until friday morning probably regs ?( anyways played 9x$2.40 SnG jacpot games (one at a time) just to get used to the feel>

      RESULTS :( can't login to account (passed my fair use policy :f_mad: ) (dongle) :f_confused: . ANYways came out 3 pound 50 odd worse off :f_rolleyes: . Haven't played since friday morning! just read a few blogs last night, interesting.

      THE SIGN

      Logged in to pokerstategy this evening and HEY HO to my surprise i have attained SILVER STAR LOL did they change the points system ?
      Now i'm a :s_confused:

      O.K so what to do?
      Here's where i need some advice to get going>
      I now have say 45 pound (can't find the pound key)>
      SnGs or cash?
      IF i play cash what level please? (never found myself to be a good cash player or maybe just too many suckouts on micro level. its seems more like toss of coin than a controlled game whatever you do)?
      Can and which is a good FREE program to download just to start need the graph mainly i Believe its's hold'em manager?
      How many hands should i be looking to play a day 1000?
      In the meantime i am going to revise all my bronze star material (QUICKLY :f_grin: ) And then onto silver material (Which i really could have done with at the time i decided to give up(TILT TILT TILT).
      Any advice will be appriciated.
      sorry for my blogging skills
      Happy fishing all
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    • ThatGuyMatt
      Joined: 03.12.2010 Posts: 3,765
      Hey tigerace999,

      Welcome back to the poker scene and PokerStrategy! :]

      Regarding your French stars account you'd be best of explaining your situation to the PokerStars Support Team to avoid any possible future complications.

      You're using a dongle for the internet? I always though they where VERY expensive?

      Thats only -1.5BI, not bad considering all the time you've spent away from the game.

      I wasn't around with the old status system so I'm unsure how its changed since you first registered but we have 6 Levels, Basic (0SP's), Bronze (1SP), Silver (100SP's), Gold (500SP's), Platinum (2500SP's) and Diamond (7500SP's)
      All points you earn will count to your current level so if you manage to get 500SP's in the next week, you'll get Gold for this month, as well as keeping it for the next month, but if you want to be gold for the 3rd month, then you'll need to earn the 500 points again in your 2nd month. Hope that makes sense? :D

      Be sure to check out how our Status Points work.

      We also have a promotion going at the moment that every day you earn at least 1 SP, we'll give you 10 Bonus SP's So if you play for 10 days, that'll be 100 Points and Silver membership.

      With the £45 I'd recommend cash myself but its completely up to which game you prefer most, if you was to start cash then I'd advise you start with NL2 as we recommend users should have 25 Buyins for the limit they are trying to beat. The following article goes into more details What is the Big stack Strategy?

      I don't think there is any free Poker Software out there both Holdem Manager and PokerTracker offer a 30 Day Trial so you can get 2 months of use for free. The Small stakes version of both aren't too expensive either.

      Just play as any hands as you can within a given month, don't try to play too much, just play as many A-Game session as possible, if you're not playing well then stop. Time spent studying the game is just as important too!

      Any questions then give us a shout :)
    • tigerace999
      Joined: 12.04.2009 Posts: 65
      Hi MattDenness,

      Thanx for the advice.
      The dongle is 15 pound a month with a data limit which i have now used so cant play between 16:00 hrs & 00:00 hrs :( hope to upgrade soon.

      I've just looked at the tables and i am going to try the $1 DoN's
      Just read a bit of silver material, just for tonight not too many games>

      I played bss system B4 but most of my knowledge is SnG's & MTT ,BUT, i would like to have another go at cash games. maybe people have learn't how to lay down their cards?

      i will investigate the free trials (holdem & poker tracker) Thanx again.

      What game are you currently playing and at what limits?

      have fun
      P.S can i change my player name?
    • ThatGuyMatt
      Joined: 03.12.2010 Posts: 3,765
      No problem :)

      How come you don't get some normal boradband on the go? You can pick it up real cheap now.

      DoN's are quite fun, I used to play them a little although I think they're difficult to continuously beat, rake can take a fair chuck of your profit :( But then that can be said for most games I guess ^^

      Its good you're looking at the articles already, just be sure to read them slowly and take in as much as possible, re-read if needed.

      There are plenty of fish in NL2 who don't know how to fold, it may be frustrating at times when they turn over their hand and you realise they had nothing until they spiked that river >.<

      I'm currently playing BSS at NL10, Shorthanded. I find it far more enjoyable than Full Ring games, alot more action and you get to play alot more hands.
      I do enjoy playing MTT's too but I work split shifts so its not so easy playing them :(

      I assume you mean your PokerStrategy name? I'm not sure if this is allowed, your best bet is to write a Ticket to our Support Team explaining that you wish to change your Name and the reason behind it.
    • tigerace999
      Joined: 12.04.2009 Posts: 65
      Hi MattDennis

      Hope your running good,,
      So where am i ,? :f_confused: Playing 12 man six max $2.40
      Starting bankroll=50 pound
      Current bankroll= 50 pounds & 10 pence

      Games played=35
      +1xMTT win=20 cents

      I am enjoying the six max great fun,i have got a few weaknesses with only 1x first place (2 games after reading a silver article) :s_biggrin: Thank you P.S

      Been busy so no time to play ,going to catch up tomorrow 150 points till first bonus :f_cool:
      See how first few games go and study if need be. Reach first bounus then study and watch some vids.

      I used to follow chenny888 ,so any suggestions for other vids on the game i'm playing 12 man 6 max would be good.
      Sorry Matt some thoughts on results data would be grateful ,low sample i know but just a rough thought could be encouraging enough to study properly :f_eek: Need to fly MattDennis daily free roll .
      Hope to hear back soon ..and good luck