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      Hi guys, I´m Javier, I started playing online poker 4 years ago, at the "pokerstrategy spanish community" but my influence on forums and hands value was poor but now y wanna do things right, with a new start, triying to make poker a source of friends, money and knowledge of math and statistics.

      Jorge(Lennus) is my brother, and he plays poker very well, with a big bankroll who lets him to play at nl100, but at the moment he wants to starts again, at my same level: nl10 and climb up together.

      we both want to share poker opinions with you guys, at the english community to improve our english and make new friends.

      I´m studying economics in Santiago de Chile, love Tennis and a very good tennis player because I trained pretty hard all my childhood.

      Hope to keep this forum actualized at least 1 time per week.

      At the moment I´m playing in NL10 FR because I spent an important percentage of it on a trip to new zealand, about 6 months ago.

      Objetives: play 20k hands per week at 7bb plus 3hrs studying poker.
      -Hope to get bankroll enough to finish the year playing nl100 FR.
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