[NL20-NL50] nl30sh - QQ fold to flop bet?

    • prevolsek
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      OnGame - $0.30 NL (6 max) - Holdem - 6 players
      Hand converted by PokerTracker 3

      SB: $31.51
      BB: $24.71
      UTG: $30.00
      Hero (MP): $39.39
      CO: $40.58
      BTN: $40.01

      SB posts SB $0.15, BB posts BB $0.30

      Pre Flop: ($0.45) Hero has Q:heart: Q:spade:

      UTG raises to $0.90, Hero raises to $2.70, fold, fold, fold, fold, UTG calls $1.80

      Flop: ($5.85, 2 players) 6:club: 4:diamond: 9:club:
      UTG checks, Hero bets $3.90, UTG raises to $9.80, fold

      Villain is unknown, so I think that I should fold. Should I push here if i'm playing against a fish?
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    • Saren113
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      In a 3b an overpair is the nuts he can have worse pairs he can be on a FD and overs. Sucks that you dosen't have BD eq tho. My first thought would be that villian got a 100 bb stack, did he wait for the bb, cause if he did he is most likely a reg.
    • veriz
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      Hello prevolsek,

      I assume you meant flop raise. That's a tough spot cause we can't be sure if he ever is even going to overplay here overpairs. TT most likely would play it way ahead/behind and the same may apply for JJ. Assuming that like 50% of the range of KK/AA may trap you we are not getting that good equity:

      Board: 6:club: 4:diamond: 9:club:
             Equity     Win     Tie
      MP2    37.46%  35.19%   2.27% { QhQs }
      MP3    62.54%  60.27%   2.27% { QQ-JJ, 99, 66, AdAh, AdAs, AhAs, KdKh, KdKs, KhKs, AcKc, AcQc }

      so which would have made us rather towards folding. Cause here I also added all JJ combos which means that actually the equity might be too good. Clearly we may even discard some JJ combos which he rather plays way ahead/behind.

      Best Regards.