Card dealing on PokerStars

    • Verins
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      Hi folks!

      How does card shuffling and dealing occur? I mean - do they use some specific program or is it just random?

      I am pretty fresh player on Pokerstars, coming from Latvia but now studying in Denmark, playing micro MTT for fun when i have no studies and work. :f_love: Poker for me is a fun way to spend time but in these past days it is not so fun. I am getting so bad beats, especially today. lost KK and AA pre flop all-in against some worst hands and my opponents hit gutshots 3 times in a row. Made me rage quit :(

      This made me consider they don't deal cards on random.

      Maybe someone has any information about this?
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    • RasTweet
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      Hey Verins

      Just moved your thread to the correct forum.

      I feel your pain, but sometimes in poker you just run bad. I'm not sure how the shuffling works, but it is random. It's not rigged like a lot of people say.

      Hang in there and variance will turn around!

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      Hey Verins,

      Pokerstars will use some Random Number Generator (RNG) that is independently verified. You will be able to find more info about this on the Pokerstars website, i'll try to find you a link in a moment. This is the same for all poker sites by the way.

      Don't forget that AA only wins 85% of the time against a random hand when you are all in preflop, which while it is a high % also 15% means you are going to be "sucked out" on quite often. Also usually you aren't against a random hand, people usually (not always though) wait for a decent hand to go all in with. Against a lower pair AA only wins ~80% so you can see our equity drops even more against a "likely" hand that villain will have

      Poker is about long term results so keep getting your money in while you are ahead and you will soon see results coming your way.

    • Verins
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      Pokerstars just makes me sick.

      I'm not sure whats wrong with my account, its cursed or something, or i am complete donk, but this is just bullshit.

      In 3 weeks I built my roommates bankroll from 10$ to 80$ by playing 6ppl Sit&Go's with 1,5$ buy-in with no problemo. But when i play on my account its just complete non-sense. Everyone is hitting ridiculous lucky rivers. My bankroll today collapsed like building 7 in 9/11, out of nowhere and without any reason.

      I am very calm person but this makes me just mad :D

      What do you do when bad flow catches you?

      And is it possible to make another account on PokerStars or a person can have only one?

      My rage post is over- going to bed ;( :D
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      Originally posted by Verins
      My bankroll today collapsed like building 7 in 9/11, out of nowhere and without any reason.
      i lol'd when i read this but it is actually a decent analogy because that is exactly what randomness is in the short term, surprising and unpredictable. dont try to understand it just accept it.

      i wont go into detail because many others have said it before. i recommend you do some research into variance if you are struggling to deal with it.

      this looks like as good a place to start as any:

      btw you shouldnt try to create multiple accounts on stars if you get caught they might ban you and/or confiscate funds, but this is beside the point, you dont need another account because... there is no conspiracy in online poker!!
    • Justin37
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      The magic word is MICRO...

      Well, u tend to lose AA, KK more often in micro coz nobody really care losing $1.50 buy in.

      I played micro for almost 3 yrs... Losing AA n KK is normal for me... However, for a new player like u. You may want to break your mouse :)
    • RasTweet
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      Hey guys!

      Losing AA<KK is always hard.

      But don't blame stars for it. Take a look at this video. It's bogdan explaining variance and I must say the first time I watched it I was shocked!

      Better luck at the table :D (see what I did there?)