hand history problem

    • Schris7
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      So i had my first session today at ft , played a mix of 6-9man sngs along with some of their sng rush on demand tours . Overall 34 tours . Hem shows results for just 8 tours and the rest 26 are marked as "unknown buyin" . if i check manually the tours from their data view they have the finishes correct but all tours have 0 buy in and 0 prizes

      i was using hem 1 but dl hem 2 trial and have the same problem as well.
      Any solutions?
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    • DrDarkK
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      If its any conselation, PT4 is the same i.e. not updating $ values for buy-in, fee, prizes etc but correctly recording the finishing position... They should both have a fix soon as soon as people raise support tickets with the hand histories so they can update their databases/code etc...
    • abhi147
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      PT has released an update with a lot of fixes on FT as well
      not sure about Hem I have hem 2 but dont use it