PLO with Spaniards

    • pucilpet
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      I used to play low stakes MTT: s and SNG: s (NLHE) but since I moved to Spain a month ago I've been having a tough time getting enough volume and I've also had a bit of a losing streak.

      Because of this I'm starting a new project playing PLO on I'll be starting from PLO2 with a 100€ bankroll. I will follow a 50bin BRM so I will move to PLO5 when I have 250€ in my bankroll.

      I will follow my progress and post some interesting hands here. I will also try to put a couple of hours a week to studying and maybe get some private coaching from Kyyberi, as well.

      I will probably still play some MTTs from time to time.

      Good luck on the tables!

      - Petteri
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