[NL2-NL10] J9s

    • cozacu
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      $0.05/$0.10 No Limit Holdem
      4 Players
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      CO ($8.94) 89bb
      BTN ($12.17) 122bb
      SB ($3.70) 37bb
      cozacu (BB) ($10.16) 102bb

      Pre-Flop: ($0.15, 4 players) cozacu is BB J:club: 9:club:
      1 fold, BTN raises to $0.30, 1 fold, cozacu calls $0.20

      Flop: 5:heart: 4:heart: 9:spade: ($0.55, 2 players)
      cozacu bets $0.40, BTN calls $0.40

      Turn: 4:club: ($1.35, 2 players)
      cozacu bets $0.90, BTN raises to $2.70, cozacu folds

      Final Pot: $4.95

      BTN wins $4.89 (net +$1.49)

      cozacu lost $1.50

      villain 25/22 af 2.5 cbet 56 ftcbet 71 BUsteal67% ft3bet 56% 27wtsd 467

      Was my overall line fine here?
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    • veriz
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      Hello cozacu,

      Preflop: What's the reason for calling being OOP here vs 3bb?

      As played
      Postflop: What was the reason for donking? You expect him more often to Check behind here? What about his postflop play? Your donking was already kind of weak so he may even turn some hands into bluff vs your line.

      Best Regards.
    • cozacu
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      It was 4handed play, maybe 3bet would have been better, but J9s looks fine to def from blinds vs BU open so i though it is worth at least a call.

      Flop: i expect very often to have the best hand, and i`ll get some value out of broadways and other floats while i`m protecting my hand vs an overcard.

      Turn: not much changed, often still the best hand, now he is folding floats, and I show some strength with the second barrel mostly reping now 9X and Overpairs.

      Explain please why donk on flop looks weak? Yes with 56cbet he could check behind that flop.
    • Avataren
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      I know im a FL player and this is nl but i just have to say. donking is either because the bad player thinks "oh i got top pair or mid pair so i bet" not even knowing its called donking. This guy was right in raising vs you on any turn with any type of hand. I strongly believe your donk turns your hand face up.

      Also protecting against overcards ? its not even your initiative. and especially vs a 25/22 player. I know that seems a bit high for a nl player in a normal 6 - 9 man but in a 4 man game i believe these kind of stats could easily be a normal stat for a decent player..

      You say this "Turn: not much changed, often still the best hand, now he is folding floats, and I show some strength with the second barrel mostly reping now 9X and Overpairs."

      why in gods name would you even think of like trying to rep 9x or overpairs. you dont want him to fold you want value and you dont do that by trying everything you can to force him to fold. as i look at it. if you had checked to him. and just called the flop you could probably get a turn bet aswell. he could easily 2 barrel this as a bluff. But then again its BU open range. That gives him more hands than just broadway cards and overpairs.

      basically you shoot yourself in the foot by donking flop , your giving him value instead of trying to get as much value on your side.

      what i would have done is to either raise the flop .. like 2x - 2.5x or just call flop and consider turn raise on a good card. (below 9).. you say with 56 cbet he could easily check behind. that may be true but as you see over 50% of the time he cbets. If he is that afraid of cbetting (i dont know what a normal cbet is for nl) but in fl we have normal from 95 - 98% thats a normal stat.

      all in all a donk bet. is weak because its a donk bet. it shows your hand as a complete bluff to get him to fold. or a weirdly played draw from a bad player. or top or mid pair. I will bet that is the case even in nl most of the time.