SSS - loose and tight tables

    • Baconbits
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      Hi everyone.

      Should how loose/tight a table is make much difference to you when playing sss, or should your opponents stack sizes be your main concern?

      I've been playing NL10 on Titan and the games there seem very tight indeed. A table I've just joined has a VP$IP of 11% and typically they seem to be 11-18% VP$IP a lot of the time. Besides me there are 7 big stacks and 2 with $2 (PS players perhaps ;) )

      By contrast, I also play on Pacific, and the games there regularly have a table VP$IP of 25-38% or even higher.

      My point is, should I be looking for looser games all the time, with fish putting money in with weak hands, or should I just carry on regardless and assume the SSS will get the money anyway in the long run?

      Thanks in advance

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    • slikec
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      A table I've just joined has a VP$IP of 11% and typically they seem to be 11-18% VP$IP a lot of the time. ---> that tables are to tight to play SSS profitably. From my experience you need that table have minumum 20% VP$IP. Higher is better but 20 is minumum at least for me.
    • Velak
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      I'd be jumping all over those loose tables.
    • CimkoPro
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      I look for tables with at least 30% ppl per flop.
    • clockshovel
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      Yeah, you want the loose people at your table.

      Against TAGs you're only going to get money when you have the nuts and they have the 2nd nuts.

      Against these 30+ VPers you'll be able to make money way easier. These loosey gooseys do increase the variance, but it's a chance I'm willing to take.
    • mesorucky
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      Yeah if your playing on titan there are many SSS players, I basically have found the more big stacks at a table obviously its a little looser and go for >20% PF.

      Ill leave a table now if its majority SS,

      I've found moving around from NL5 and NL10 depending on the game avail. Sometimes its frustrating on titan because of its size they have alot more games avail at NL20 my plan is either work towards titan NL20 or move to a bigger site eventually. Only played 4500 hands SSS so far. So far swings to +$15 to -$10 but found a few leaks thanks to the video's and other posts in forums!
    • phullhand
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      sorry about the newbie question, but how can I find this kind of table?
    • xxxdannyxxx
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      it should be written next to the name of the table.the vpip and the average pot size