HEM 2 Lines Question

    • maythany
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      I was looking at my cash games graph and it shows my all-in ev line is in the negative. Does this mean that I'm calling all-ins as an underdog? if so how can one fix this? I only push KK/AA and call with anything else but it depends on my opponents.

      If I'm playing against a maniac then my JJ are definitely in better position than say against a tight rock.



      Oh and this is from a small sample size.
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    • timukasr
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      It calculates how much money you would have won if it would be % fighting (expected value - chance your hand has possibility to statistically win from certain position). If you go all-in with 90%EV and win $, then your EV line falls (cause according to EV you'd win 90% of pot not 100%).

      I somehow feel that EV line is style of play. For me it's hundreds of blinds below my actual $. Yet I feel that I'm getting sucked out often. EV doesn't count situations where you and opponent check river and he takes the pot thanks to the river (EV line sushes). I feel that people who have EV line above actual $ are going broke often and early stage of pot which increases variance (going all-in pre with 55 vs AK is about 55% against 45%, but if you go all-in on river on a board say 22224 it's 100% vs 0%).
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      Thank you timukasr,

      I've moved this thread to the relevant board :)