I'm a SD monkey!

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    • Avataren
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      you need a good beating with a stick. write to me soon and ill find the hardest hitting stick i can get :)
    • CPallo
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      I can join with my stick too. Well, you could try to work your game and post your hands to hand evaluation forum, definitely makes you better player :p
    • Avataren
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      CPallo - He knows this already ;) He is just a little idiot :D But yeah hes a good player and im sure he will work on his game as soon as he can. hes a good lad.
    • Tarhonya
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      Originally posted by JLeitmotiv
      My WTSD is ~44%! I just wanted to share with you that i'm extremely sd bound and that makes me very unhappy :(
      That is not necessary a big problem since WTSD alone is not telling much, what's your win at showdown?
    • redskwerl
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      it's not that high.. but obv it depends on the other players style. if your tables play kind of tight and solid, most pots being hu postflop, 44% wtsd is basically standard
    • Boomer2k10
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      From looking at your video you should be MORE SD bound :)

      Depending on how big of a sample you have 44% WTSD is nothing to be concerned about.

      At micro/small stakes it probably more a function of hands going check/check a lot on later streets rather than being put in super difficult HU situations post-flop where you have to back your range.

      Oh and mine's 46% recently :f_biggrin: :f_biggrin: :f_biggrin:

      But in all seriousness it depends on a variety of things including sample size, W@SD, How you've been running, game type (passive/aggressive) etc so no need to worry off one stat