Hi all.

I thought it will be interesting to share what is in my head. I started playing poker 5 years ago. I started with NLHE some freerolls and some microstackes cash game. I have never really been grinding or to say I started crushing the game for few months increasing the limits easily not at all. It has always been very difficult. Last Summer started playing PLO cash games and since then I play only PLO. I am trying to be more focused. I started at PLO4 and reached PLO50. I took some shots at PLO100 but all unsuccessful. I just find it very difficult but it is a nice game. I guess I do not stop playing because this is a kind of my dream to become a PLO pro to be able to support myself and my family and just to have a nice life. It may be sounds like what 100% of the players here want as well. It is very hard and I am trying not to give up and hopefully one day all of the efforts will pay off. This is my story.

The end.