good idea moving from cash tables to SNG(18man)?

    • jurish123
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      Hello everyone,

      right now i have some doubts about what to play in poker. I want to try something new, for the last 4 months i played cash games and zoom but somehow i start to lose interest in them, so i wanted to try something new. And i always wanted to try playing 18man SNG but somehow i was afraid to start everything from beggining, even if i played more than 2000 tourneys at 180man in the past and had pretty good winrate but somehow again lost interest in it. So anyway, i just wanted to hear other people oppinions.
      Also how swingy are 18man, especially in micro limits and what roi to expect ? Also are 100bi enough for grinding 200-300 tourneys a day ?

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    • maythany
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      100bi is fine and there's more variance in these 18 man SNGs than the 1 table ones. If you start at the $1.50s, expect a lot of loose calls and unprecedented moves.

      I played 18 man SNGs for awhile but I'm playing cash games now at rakeback sites. I had like a 20% ROI over 1000 games, but according to scharkscope some players have around 28% ROI over 3000 games.
    • abhi147
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      Why dont you start with STTs then move up the 18 mans
      18 mans are a bit more variance since the push or fold starts quite early as compared to STTs
    • ExternalUseOnly
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      If you are losing interest in other games then i think you should definitely take a shot at the 18mans and see if you like them. I always say (and im sure people agree with me) that you should find a game you really enjoy otherwise you will always be lacking in motivation and never try and be the best you can.

      So sure take a shot if you don't like them then find another game to try until you find the one for you, trust me when you find it you will know ;) In my opinion 100 buy ins is fine.

      Good luck let us know how you get on