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WTS Confusion

    • SonicXT
      Joined: 15.06.2007 Posts: 4,736
      Ok, I'm getting too confused over this.
      I keep hearing that an ideal WTS for NL Holdem (SH) is in the 20-23 % range combined with a WwsF of 45 % and W$SD of 50-52 %

      Before my 10 week break, I had over 60k hands with these stats :
      WTS : 28.9 (Went to showdown when saw flop)
      W$SD : 52.2 (Percent won when saw showdown)
      WwsF : 41.3 (Percent won when saw flop
      AF : 2.01
      Winrate at NL50-NL100 SH : 9.38 bb/100 (big blinds)
      VPIP/PFR : 19/14,5

      So ok, that's just too weird. I thought I might play differently after the break and see a bit different results, because they just don't seem to be logic compared to what seems to be common knowledge with winning players. Furthermore, I'm playing 6-tabling of NLSH without any reads whatsoever...
      And then I get this so far :

      VPIP/PFR : 20/15
      WTS : 29.5
      W$SD : 52.8
      WsWF : 45.8
      AF : 2.2
      Winrate : 12.6 bb/100

      I am not complaining about the results, of course not as this gives me at least 30 $ per hour at NL100 even without stats. But I just can't understand what these stats mean and why they're so radically different from what's considered normal for winning players...
      It's been boggling my mind for a long time now ...

      Am I :
      [ ] a lucky fish
      [ ] a postflop idiot
      [ ] a good bluff catcher
      [ ] a gambler with basic knowledge

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