Looking for a way to go over my Sessions for 6Max Fast Foward?

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      Hey All,

      Today I started playing Party Pokers NL4-6Max, I found it impossible to mark hands as I played so a few hrs ago I set about going though my 3k hands I played today to try and do some review that was about 12:30pm I have just finished posting hand and its 4pm now. I don’t think this is going to be very productive if I do this everyday since I only did 21 hands. So I was wondering what I should look for? I was thinking at the start to just look for biggest winning and biggest losing pots, but I think I would miss important hands, I then decided to go through and filter hand by the quick filters in HEM2. I got as far as CBet before HEM crashed so I decided to see how many I had marked so far and I had already marked 21 so I thought this was enough to have a closer look at.

      So is there any specific filters I should look through, I was thinking maybe just looking at biggest winning and losing pots and also looking at hand that I CBet and hand that I could double barrel because I know I have a leak in those 2 areas?

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