• HansTheGreat
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      Hey people,

      was just wondering how precisely are you guys taking notes? I mean do you only take them after the session or during the session? I mean I wanna really improve and there is so much information left by not taking notes. I mean I spent yesterday like 4 hours just taking notes but I managed to overview only 1/5 of a session that has 3k hands. I started to watch every pot that went to showdown but I m not really sure if it is the right way. Too time expensive. I thought about Notecaddy but I wasnt really sure how usefull this product is. Any suggestion would be appreciated.
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    • dannywratten
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      I just mark interesting hands during a session, then make the note either after the session, or maybe the next day before i play again.
      So i'll usually only be making 5~10 notes at a time. That way i don't spend a lot of time doing it all at once.

      I play rush/zoom though so i find it difficult to make decent notes while playing. :)