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Dealing with extremely bad players

    • FrozenRope
      Joined: 29.01.2007 Posts: 283
      Well I had to take a break today, playing poker at times can be extremely fustrating to say the least. I don't like to post bad beats, suckout stories because in my mind it has no place so I won't. We need bad players in the game thats where our money comes from I know this.

      However I'm an extremely patient player and person in general. I can wait for better starting hands and value bet the bad players. Today on three of my tables I had players that I will just say are the worst I have ever seen.
      They all had vpip 70> and pfr <10 however it didn't matter if the flop was capped, turn was capped or not they would stay in, hand after hand and ended up just destroying the table. On $.25-$.50 6max tables they came to the table with $10 and 2 of three of them left the table up $80 after 150 hands. I lost as well playing very disiplined just under $20 for the session.

      My question to you all is how do you deal with players of this type? I find that on Titan at the limit I play 90% of players are weak players with vpip over 40. Interested in how others deal with the mental side of the game.
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    • martizzo
      Joined: 10.06.2007 Posts: 957
      I know this :) if you found this ev- then search for other tables and of course do some adjustments. maybe bit tighten postflop.. other opinions?
    • TerrorBlade
      Joined: 16.10.2007 Posts: 1,922
      Keep playing with them, keep telling yourself they're gonna pay you off BIGTIME in the long run, usually after a couple of hours the luck will reverse, sometimes days, even weeks. The hardest thing in poker is learning to deal with variance, you seem to have the perfect attitude so if you feel yourself getting angry take a short break (sit out for 5 minutes) go get a drink etc. then come back and pwn them.