SnG 9man Graph,need advice!

    • jurish123
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      Hello everyone,

      Here's the graph and as you see my EV didn't change when i hit 30bi downswing. So i wanted to know what i'm doing wrong. Sample isn't big but it doesn't change the fact that something is wrong with my game. At first i thought that my ITM is petty bad but it turned out that it was 40% so now i just don't understand. my ROI in this graph is only 1.5% and it's ofcourse a disasster. So i just want to hear some advice how to change it.

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    • abhi147
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      Really cant say anything based on the graphs
      From the looks of it you are running good

      What stakes are you playing?

      I strongly suggest you get a coach to look at your game or study, read and watch as many videos as you can
      Check the videos especially by chenny888 and LT3

      Good luck