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[Application] 50k hands Application nl200 headsup

    • jmackenzie
      Joined: 04.06.2008 Posts: 1,268
      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.

      feedback thread link

      I recently ended a staking agreement for headsup on a a mutual agreement but am now looking for more backing.

      I am looking for 25 buyins ($5000) as an initial start and will spread this bankroll over 2 sites pkr and partypoker (1.5k pkr, 3.5k partypoker.)

      No other limit will be played on each site other than 200nl headsup.

      My table selection is pretty strict and i will quit anyone of whom i cant find a weakness against after between 30/40 hands.

      I will not be sitting other regs.

      Profits will be split 50/50 at the end of 50k hands. Profits split will only be from winnings. All points will be kept by the stakee (me).

      In the event of losing 3k so (2k left) play will be postponed until all backers are informed and a plan of action will be discussed.

      I believe this will take between 2 to 4 months to complete all hands. (I will be playing fulltime).

      Uploaded with

      (all my hands on my hem)

      Uploaded with

      (graph of all hands on hem)

      Updates will be posted on the rail thread on a weekly basis.

      Usernames of both sites will be given to those who are interested in backing.

      Hopefully in the next few days ill get some respected members of this community to vouch for me who know my old staking partners.

      Once funds are transferred by backers they will not get these back until either all 50k hands are finished, an unreasonable amount of time (6months) has been taken or if i hit a stoploss that backers arn't willing to continue the stake.

      Play will not start until all funds have transferred. Once initialising an interest in backing you have 3 days to transfer funds to stars account jlhmac or fulltilt poker account jlhmackenzie.

      You can apply for 5%-100% of the stake so ($250 -$5000) This will be done on a first come first serve basis.

      Reserve list:

      maritsula: 20% sent
      duckseatfish: 5% sent
      Ticiboy: 5% sent
      jan217: 5% sent
      bigniux: 10% sent
      Schnitzelfisch: 10% sent
      Z1pz0r: 10% sent
      Gregor: 10% sent by z1pz0r
      Mindan: 15% sent
      lydia: 5% sent
      pucilpet: 5% sent

      Total so far:100% received

      If any1 still still needs my skype username please add me on the community tools and ill send my username i was thinking i could create a skype group for all the backers if u want to collectively ask any questions.

      I will not ask for money to be shipped yet until my vouch from old backers has been posted this should be sometime by the end of the day. Edit: vouch has been posted transfers now accepted.
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