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Good videos

    • staktas
      Joined: 28.03.2011 Posts: 1,346
      I've never been into video. I liked the articles way more, because I can read them anywhere on my phone. But I've read all of them already couple of times, and ain't feeling like reading them again. There's enough monotony in poker for me, already.

      I know, that a lot of you guys like videos a lot, so I ask you to recommend some gold, or not, videos for me. Theory, session review, live play, don't care - I want to improve my game.

      Also, if you have any tips to learn video material better, I would appreciate that.

      I'm playing NL10 SH.
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    • DrDunne
      Joined: 29.12.2010 Posts: 3,378
      hey staktas!

      imo definitely check out all of TwiceT's vids. pink performance was extremely good - he explains his thoughts in so much detail and in an understandable way. and it's also TT, so some parts are lol.

      i also liked ge5sterne's videos, especially gameplanning.

      mbml's theory series: perfecting preflop play - again was very well explained.

      aaaand i found nanonoko's video to be pretty insightful too.. more so because it taught me that all the information needed IS available and i just need to open my eyes.

      then there is the series that me and EmanuelC16 just made which has helped me out a lot. he's a good coach and always elaborates on the points he makes.

      i guess the list could go on but it can't hurt to start with these and look around from there :)

      regarding learning the material better, active learning is obviously the way to go. i mean you don't just want to sit there with popcorn and enjoy a nice video of poker - it isn't for entertainment. the way i do it is just sit down with a notepad (handwriting ftw - keeps my mind focused on the content) and just write down bullet points.

      hope you find some good vids to watch :D