Neteller questions

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      Hey WaterStrider9

      Neteller is an e-wallet. Kind of like a middle man you can deposit funds into your e-wallet then use the funds in your e-wallet to deposit at poker sites, bookmakers, do online shopping etc. It works in reverse too you can withdraw from your poker site to your e-wallet and then deposit to another site or withdraw to your bank. Generally the withdrawal time to the e-wallet is pretty fast (sometimes a couple of hours or even quicker) but the to withdraw from there to the bank will usually take a few days.

      You don't need a credit card, you may need to deposit first in order to set up a path to withdraw in future. For example if you deposit from your bank account with a debit card this sets up a path to withdraw back to your acc.

      Pokerstars may want you to deposit via NETELLER before you withdraw to them but im not 100% sure on that.

      Hope i made a little bit of sense at least :) Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions