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ICM trainer question

    • LuborC
      Joined: 20.04.2008 Posts: 1,243
      I've been using the PS ICM trainer a lot lately and experimenting with the settings a little, too. There's a button in the filter settings part that is named "hero edge in %". As I understnad it this button should basically set how much better hand compared to your opponent's range you want to have in order to play it. Or in other words how much equity you want to gain at least (on average) by playing the hand.
      So if it was the case than if you set this to bigger edge the ICM trainer should tell you to both push and call tighter, right? Because obviously when playing only better hands you should more often have a better hand than your opponent.
      But the button does exactly the opposite. When you set smaller edge (even nagative) it tells you to play tighter and when you set a bigger one it tells you to play looser.
      So. Either the button works funny or I just don't understand what the hero's edge means. Could you guys tell me which one is the case? And if it is me not understanding the concept of hero edge maybe explain it shortly?

      And there's one other thing. I've also strated using the SNGwizard recently and it sometimes gives different suggestions on how to play a certain hand than the ICM trainer. Why is that? Does it use a different model or is it just because it has different default setting?

      Thanks everybody who will take the time to read this and try to understand what I'm asking.
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