HI i'm fortunewheel. Been playing online poker for ages , off and on. cashed out a decent bankroll about a year ago. Never rlly got in the grind again up till now. Deposited 100$ a god month ago. Barely played since then, but ZOOM was good to me and though i hardly played i 'm now the owner of 245$. SAY WHAAT!

Basically started this thread because i want to get serious about ZOOM. so far only put in 16 k hands which is nothing when playing ZOOM. 5 nl ZOOM so far was a joyride. Bunch of coolers aside i'm still killing it for 12bb/100. Probably my real winrate would be around 8bb/100 but can't really say i care.

Goal is obviously to get to at least 50 nl. I'm a pretty solid microstakes player and have some experience as a regular on 25 nl in a not so far history. Never played huge volume cuz i have huge motivational issues. I get bored easily playing the same game for hours.

ZOOM is a great alternative. Starting tomorrow i'll try to play a minimum of 3 hours a day. Anywhere between 2-4 tabling ZOOM.

I'm a pussy whenever it concerns bankroll management. Though i'm not risking much. lol 100$... I'll be playing 5 nl till i have at least 300$. About 6 buy ins to go. Whenever i reach that point i'll decide whether my play was good enough after reviewing my database.

In this thread i'll make posts about the strategy i apply at these nanostakes and post some (intresting) hands as well.

come and follow the not so thrilling grind of a natural born :f_o: