Post Del Why?

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    • Tomaloc
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      maybe it's not in general discussion

      @topic i'm not sure but i think that everything is rigged, on party i cracked AA twice in under 10 hands, wtf that obviously cannot ever happen
    • thesundancekid
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      Aye that can happen m8, just mean its time toi quit for the day thats alll

      wel i posted a topic on my views about 888 being rigged and it didnt get fkn posted !!!

      im fkn raging about and no explanation why !!
    • ExternalUseOnly
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      Hey thesundance kid,

      Sorry you couldn't find your post. At we are currently trying to improve the backbone of the community which is the forum and at the core of any poker forum is the GPD board. We are trying to keep threads in there that we believe will spark good debates and discussions such as topical poker world news threads or threads everyone can be involved in like hand of the day type threads.

      Whilst we don't mind you discussing our ex-partner poker rooms we just didn't think this thread belonged in GPD this time. Usually if the poster is new we will leave a link behind i guess the moderator who moved this must have thought you knew your way around the forums so didn't leave a link this time sorry about that.

      All the best
    • Tomaloc
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      well, i was the one cracking aces.
      on the other hand i'm at least $200 under ev for this month so w/e

      in any case yeah, these things happen and the things you mentioned in your thread also happen, standardish