[NL20-NL50] NL25 KQo River overbet

    • kymupa
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      €0.12/€0.25 No Limit Holdem
      6 Players
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      UTG Player5 (€23.76) 95bb
      UTG+1 Player6 (€26.18) 105bb
      CO kymupa (€28.60) 114bb
      BTN Player2 (€31.46) 126bb
      SB Player3 (€34.65) 139bb
      BB Player4 (€24.94) 100bb

      Pre-Flop: (€0.37, 6 players) kymupa is CO K:diamond: Q:club:
      Player5 raises to €0.87, 1 fold, kymupa calls €0.87, 3 folds

      Flop: Q:diamond: 10:diamond: 3:diamond: (€2.11, 2 players)
      Player5 bets €1.58, kymupa calls €1.58

      Turn: 2:club: (€5.27, 2 players)
      Player5 bets €3.95, kymupa calls €3.95

      River: A:diamond: (€13.17, 2 players)
      Player5 checks, kymupa bets €22.20, Player5 folds

      Final Pot: €13.17

      kymupa wins €56.92 (net +€28.32)

      Player5 lost €6.40


      Villian is 23/17 with 69% cb flop and 43% (14) turn over 700 hands.

      Preflop I think I can call.

      The flop is an easy call I guess. I don't want to raise/go broke with my hand here.

      On the turn I guess it is an easy call?

      The river comes the A :diamond: and I decided to shove after his check.
      The reason was that when the ace hits it is much less likely for me to be drawing for flush and by shoving I want to maximize my value.
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    • duder1n0
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      Originally posted by kymupa
      by shoving I want to maximize my value.
      Vs what? :)

      Preflop I dont really like calling with a dominated offsuit hand against a presumably tighter utg range.
      Flop/turn we could call. Turn is close tough.
      But i really dont get your river shove, especially against a reg. What do you expect to get a call from?
    • kymupa
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      Well... Mostly against J :diamond: .

      My main reasoning is that no matter how much I bet I am most likely be called just by J :diamond: so I decided to shove (which is not very big overbet considering the effective stack).
    • pleno1
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      Generally people don't call overbet all ins on flush boards without the absolute nuts. I think as we should target Jd and 2 pairs/Straights together and bet around 1/3 of the pot. I think its more likely he would raise the river or call the river vs this sizing that if we pile all the chips in as he will literally only call with the nuts, which is hard when we have the Kd in our hand ;)

      It can sometimes we a spot to use it in your advatage.

      You raise, flop 723ddx turn Kd you bet he calls, river Ad, we can now go all in as he only calls the absolute nuts and its so hard for him to have the Qd as he would fold Q10 etc on the turn.