[NL20-NL50] NL25 SH AKo c/r in 3b pot

    • kymupa
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      €0.12/€0.25 No Limit Holdem
      5 Players
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      UTG Player4 (€24.26) 97bb
      CO Player6 (€52.94) 212bb
      BTN Player1 (€27.88) 112bb
      SB kymupa (€38.60) 154bb
      BB Player3 (€25) 100bb

      Pre-Flop: (€0.37, 5 players) kymupa is SB K:heart: A:spade:
      2 folds, Player1 raises to €0.71, kymupa raises to €2.67, 1 fold, Player1 calls €1.96

      Flop: 8:diamond: 3:club: 2:heart: (€5.59, 2 players)
      kymupa bets €3, Player1 calls €3

      Turn: 7:heart: (€11.59, 2 players)
      kymupa checks, Player1 bets €4.50, kymupa goes all-in €32.93, Player1 folds

      Final Pot: €20.59

      kymupa wins €76.45 (net +€37.85)

      Player1 lost €10.17


      Villian is playing 27/22 with 43% fold to 3b and to 20% fold to cb in 3b pot (15) and bets a lot when checked to him.
      In general he doesn't really like folding and he is playing back a lot.

      Preflop I think I can make it a little bit bigger like $3 or this is fine?

      When this flop came my plan was to cb flop and then c/r the turn since he can hardly hit anything here and since I don't expect him to fold almost nothing here I think my play is good?
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    • pleno1
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      Hi Kymupa,

      Vs a player that is going to be calling a lot, I'd maybe make it a little bigger pre flop, but if you think he is a decent reg then I'd just keep my bet sizes the same and continue with this sizing.

      The flop sizing is standard and we should ofc do this with our whole range.

      On the turn all options are viable. If we bet turn we should bet river too, what do you think his calling range is if we bet bet and then shove a blank river?

      Check folding the turn can not be terrible as he does have a lot of pocket pairs.

      Check raising the river basically lets him play perfectly against us, if he has a pair he calls and wins and if he doesn't he folds.

      Check calling the river allows all of his floats to be the turn and the river, thus getting an additional street of value.

      I think bet bet bet >>> check call >> check fold >> check raise.

      How about you?
    • kymupa
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      So you don't like to check/raise the turn and rather bet turn and c/c river?

      Preflop I do expect him to 4bet/jam JJ+ (TT is questionable) so let's say he has 22-TT (although I am not really sure about the low pairs).
      If he has them he would have a hard time calling my c/r with 44-66 and I by check/raising I do pick up some extra value from his bluffs and he might end up calling me with something like T9 or FD and this is the main reasoning that I did it, and also, most of the time I have some live cards, so I am not drawing dead. :)

      What if we had TT here? Do you think it is a good option to c/r?
    • pleno1
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      Nice post, cheers.

      I think its a good spot to call down for 1 main reason.


      So if we call turn and he bets river and the board is say


      What is he really betting for value on the river here? I think at smaller stakes players will not bet 99 here meaning that it is very likely that he is bluffing. On the turn I also think he will check back a lot of his pocket pairs and just try to get to showdown.

      If he does bet 4.50, don't you think raising to $12-14 gets as many folds as going all in and actually looks stronger?

      Anyway I still prefer check calling and letting him bluff you :)