The Step Challenge

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      Hi everyone,

      Bit of background :

      Me :

      Was a mod here before, wonderful community. Love everyone :)
      Decided to quit poker to focus on my pharmacy degree.
      Still played live but not really online. Still love to lurk the forums and sometimes comments.
      Doing a small come back ...everything in life can be done if done with balance. I will cap my playing time. Studies will always be my priority.
      I also have a month off next month with not much to do so i'll be able to grind like old times probably. Also having a blog is really motivating.

      Poker :

      Mostly 9-man turbo SNG player. Over 3k games, decent ROI, highest limit was 11$.
      Also like to play tournaments, I luck box them sometimes :) .

      Had a blog here before, feel like starting another one for fun. With FTP comming back and me playing on it I feel like I have to start my old habits.
      Basically i'll use all my FTP points to convert them into step 1 tickets. Then i'll play as much as I can and try to reach the highest step


      • Do 500 hands on ICM trainer to warm up after such a long break
      • Reach step 6 with at least 1 ticket
      • Post regular on the blog
      • Review with SNG wiz (if it still works)
      • Watch a new SNG video to get a feel of poker 2012

      Giving me 2 months to do that.

      I HAVE NOW 28 STEPS 1 TICKET :s_cool:

      Because my blog without beer wouldn't be a blog

      Edit : Just realised 28 SNGs is super small, but don't worry, I also have a bankroll on 888 poker so I will most likely grind the SNGs there afterwards and update on that.
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