[NL2-NL10] FF NL4-6Max AA in UTG

    • BigAl123456
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      Party, $0.02/$0.04 No Limit Hold'em Cash, 6 Players
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      Hero (UTG): $6.28 (157 bb)
      BTN: $8.24 (206 bb)
      MP: $0.32 (8 bb)
      BB: $5 (125 bb)
      SB: $13.56 (339 bb)-VPIP 21%-PFR 8%-PFAF 1.1-DonkB 33%(3)-WTSD 37%(19)-W$SD 14%(7)-Hands 117
      CO: $11.36 (284 bb)

      Preflop: Hero is UTG with A A
      Hero raises to $0.16, 2 folds, BTN calls $0.16, SB calls $0.14, BB calls $0.12

      Flop: ($0.64) T Q 6 (4 players)
      SB bets $0.30, BB folds, Hero calls $0.30, BTN calls $0.30

      Turn: ($1.54) 5 (3 players)
      SB bets $1.10, Hero calls $1.10, BTN folds

      River: ($3.74) 8 (2 players)
      SB bets $1.78, Hero calls $1.78

      $7.30 pot ($0.36 rake)
      Final Board: T Q 6 5 8
      Hero showed A A and won $6.94 ($3.60 net)
      SB showed A Q and lost (-$3.34 net)

      I dont know how to describe the meaning of the stats in terms of if the players a TAGy or LAGy in 6max so until I do Ill just post there stats unless I have less than 20 hands.

      On the River I was timeing out and on the Turn I looked at SBs WTSD stats and his W$SD was low so I decided to call the River.
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    • CPallo
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      I could even raise that flop for value, if he really does play his TP's this straight forward. He could probably have also draw hands like KJ on his range, so better to raise, he might not fold. And there are actually quite many turn cards we don't want to see (9,J,Q,T, even Ace..) as they might improve his hand significantly.

      As played, I think call-down worked well here. We didn't overplay our hand and we kept his TP range on board.
    • BogdanPS
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      We can raise this flop here for value/protection against his draws and 1p type hands. I can expect him to call with these when we reraise and only 3-bet the sets (if he even does that).

      You should not look at WTSD and W$SD over such a small sample. These numbers are full of variance and you need at least 400 hands to get a better sample.