HM2 FTP Rush MTT - no HUD

    • circoflax
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      Hands get imported and I can browse through them in the reports section, HUD is displayed, but the stats in the HUD are empty. I checked if it detects the names of the players by opening a popup and it does, but all the stats are displayed as -
      The only stat that changes for some is no of hands, instead of - it displays 0

      Rush cash works fine. Haven't tried normal MTTs yet.

      Hmmmmm, gave it another look and seems the problem is the same with all tables. It crashed last night and haven't played since. I'll try a re-install.

      :later edit
      The second problem was caused by the first. Apparently HM2 detects each hand played during a rush MTT as a new table. If I open table finder, it will give me a huge list of tables opened, all for the Rush MTT. It also opens a very large number of postgre threads (in WinXP at least), and after a given number of hands it crashes.
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